DJ Insurance

There are several different types of DJ Insurance, you’ll find these across the web at various prices

First let’s explain the the two main and most popular types of DJ Insurance:

Public Liability Insurance for DJs

This covers the DJ and his equipment in case of an accident which damages someones elses (Third Party) venue  or property, or causes an injury to someone at an event. 

These days, people are very quick to claim on insurance, and if you don’t have DJ Insurance for Public Liability, then you may well be taken to court. This means you may have to pay for the damage or personal injury which could run into thousands of pounds. Perhaps even higher if the injury is bad, or the accident results in someone’s death. Can you afford that, probably not!

DJ Equipment Insurance

This type of insurance protects you, the Mobile DJ, if someone causes damage to your equipment or steals it

As DJs we invest a lot of money in DJ Equipment. So in the same way as you probably choose to insure your house contents for loss or damage, you should protect your DJ equipment investment

Where to get DJ Insurance

You can spend hours trawling the internet for prices and quotes. However we’ve already done that for you!

Take a look at our DJ Insurance Pricing Grid for comparison of the most popular and affordable policies for Mobile DJ Insurance. We show you prices for Mobile DJ PLI as well as DJ Equipment Insurance